Increase the productivity, decrease the costs

Decrease your costs and complete work faster with zero site revisists and no-fault tolerance.


The power is in the AI: accurate and helpful

Our AI assistant can do the recognition of the elements of the image and can automatically validate field documentation with a high level of precision. Also, text on labels, various types of documentation, types of cables, all of that can be automatically recognized.


Hard Hat detection


Scene Text detection


Harness and carabiners detection


Rope detection


Blurred Image detection

Built to help you achieve more

You have very specific organizational and structural requirements for your projects and you might be suspicious if they can be translated properly to CloseOut system? No need to worry.

CloseOut is a super adaptable platform that can be adjusted to all our customers’ needs and project requirements.

Online collaboration

If you use various programs for online collaboration between team members, you can easily get lost. It's easier when everybody can communicate by using one software. Video calls and real-time notifications, integrated with the CloseOut platform will make your life much easier.

Boost productivity

With our adjustable workflows, your field teams are provided with step-by-step work procedures, and the possibility of missteps is reduced to a minimum. Every party included in the field operations, whether those are your teams or subcontractor’s crew, engaged in a project has all the information in the palm of their hands.

Documentation on a click

Have troubles with managing project and employee documentation? Tired of tons of papers on your table? In CloseOut, you can have it all arranged and available on a click. Save a bunch of time needed for the creation of as-built documentation – with CloseOut you can export it with ease.

Detailed reports

Just like all of us, you like to measure and analyze progress of your business. As reports play important role in business decisions we make, CloseOut comes with out of the box reports that can help you track and analyze projects' performance, compare efficiency and quality of your field technicians and gather insights that will be data-driven.

Decrease costs and do more

Are you aiming for high first-time fix rates? CloseOut can help you with real-time quality control: your field teams will get an immediate notification from back-office quality engineers about issues on construction sites that require their actions.

Time tracking and work scheduler

This feature helps you to plan your jobs and crew members across all projects and sites in your organization. Dispatch and organize your teams, notify them about their daily and weekly plans, and enable them to punch in/out for easy and transparent features.

Oversee the progress on your projects

Provide real-time insights into quality performance tracking and operational data for all of your projects and sites. At-glance views of active projects and sites, completion rates for ongoing projects, team members' quality performance and more!

Efficiency at its best

Project site with authorized and unauthorized stops

Feature enables you to track field work efficiency and accountability for CloseOut users that are scheduled for site that is part of any project. CloseOut time tracking feature displays time spent on trip routes, sites and unauthorized stops along with exact locations on maps for your review.

Plan ahead and prevent potential hazards

Health and Safety Certificate Rules are part of our advanced scheduling feature. After defining required health and safety certificates for your projects, they are automatically applied to all sites. If you attempt to schedule employees that don't possess required certificates, CloseOut Work Scheduler will automatically warn you!